Conceal Carry Tips

Conceal Carry tips

Carry Conceal Tips By : Jon Blevins President 2/20/2017 Hello all, I wanted to write this article in hopes that it can at least offer some basic tips for conceal carry. Some simple tips I have learned by trial and error or during classes and seminars. Lets jump right in! This first tip may sound obvious

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EDC Gear Photo of the Week

EDc photo of the week

EDC Gear Photo of the Week By Instafr4nk (Instagram) Hosted by @shopedcgear February Tenth Two Thousand Seventeen EDC or Everyday Carry, a look into one of the most amazing Instagram communities. This week we had the pleasure of linking up with Instafr4nk who has been taking the Instagram gear world by storm. With extremely high quality photos and gear, Frank

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