Nitecore P12 Review

nitecore p12 flashlight

Nitecore P12 Review By Today we are looking at the Nitecore P12 flashlight and touching on the details of this small tactical torch. The Nitecore P12 host many great features for a flashlight and has lots of extras, finally it hits a great price point. The P12 offers four different brightness levels and 3 different modes which all

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Conceal Carry Tips

Conceal Carry tips

Carry Conceal Tips By : Jon Blevins President 2/20/2017 Hello all, I wanted to write this article in hopes that it can at least offer some basic tips for conceal carry. Some simple tips I have learned by trial and error or during classes and seminars. Lets jump right in! This first tip may sound obvious

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EDC Gear Photo of the Week

EDc photo of the week

EDC Gear Photo of the Week By Instafr4nk (Instagram) Hosted by @shopedcgear February Tenth Two Thousand Seventeen EDC or Everyday Carry, a look into one of the most amazing Instagram communities. This week we had the pleasure of linking up with Instafr4nk who has been taking the Instagram gear world by storm. With extremely high quality photos and gear, Frank

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Kershaw Showtime Review

Kershaw Showtime EDC blade

By Jon Blevins  President,  Kershaw Showtime Model 1955 Knife Review 2016 has been a great year for Kershaw knives, with over 20 new knives released. These include the new launch series, Portal, Decoy, Pico, Westin and many more. We saw the Barge which included a new integral pry bar and we saw the the

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EDC Photo of the Week

EDC photo

Melissa, VP, 7.11.2016   EDC Photo of the Week Hosted by @everydaydump on Instagram Written by – 2dogs_gear on Instagram My EDC varies on a day to day basis depending on where I’m going and what I’m doing, but there are a few “must-haves” that are always on me – gun, knife, wallet, and flashlight.

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Shopedcgear EDC Photo of the Week

EDC, Everyday Carry

Shopedcgear Photo of the Week By Melissa, Vice President at 6/24/2016 Instagram: Photo of the week by @Glockdaddy.40  Hosted by @everydaydump    I have two considerations when putting together my “EDC load out”. The first is the time of the year and second is the place or location I will most likely be in.

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NH Bass Fishing Dublin Lake

NH bass Fishing,Bass Fishing in NH

NH Bass Fishing Dublin Lake, Dublin NH Fisherman- Jon (President at & Mark S.  My most recent fishing trip led me to the small town of Dublin New Hampshire with a focus on Dublin lake. Dublin lake is a Designated trout lake but has a way with some great smallmouth bass fishing and the

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