Nitecore P12 Review

nitecore p12 flashlight

Nitecore P12 Review


Today we are looking at the Nitecore P12 flashlight and touching on the details of this small tactical torch. The Nitecore P12 host many great features for a flashlight and has lots of extras, finally it hits a great price point. The P12 offers four different brightness levels and 3 different modes which all provide the user with great versatility for an EDC backpack or simply as a pocket carry.

The P12’s brightest level disperses 950 lumens which provides enough light to perform night time searches in large indoor spaces, fields and vast outdoor landscapes. The second level provides 210 lumens which is great for indoor use in household spaces and close quarters. This is a great mode to clear your home and search for a bump in the night. The third mode provides 50 lumens of output, this function can be useful for reading maps, books or similar activities. Generally 10-25 lumens work great for indoor use but keep in mind all flashlights have different reflectors, which can alter the actual output of light from your torch regardless of the lumens indicated on the box. The P12 comes with very advanced reflector technology called Precision Digital Optics Technology or PDOT which utilizes digital simulation and precise point to point curved reflecting methods. This technology translate to a more consistent full coverage beam. The final level will provide you with around 1 lumen of light which is firefly mode. Firefly mode can be used as a signal light, night light or similar task.

Another great feature of the Nitecore P12 is the 3 special modes, lets discuss them in more detail.

  • Strobe mode- Strobe mode is great for emergency events and or defensive situations. The strobe can be used to disorient an assailant, disrupt vision at night and reduce an assailants ability to identify the situation and or defense tools you may have available to you.
  • SOS mode- The international morse code for distress. This mode can provide search and rescue with a language everyone can understand.
  • Location Beacon- This can provide a reference to others in your group, without insinuating a SOS or distress signal. The beacon can help with navigation and or point of reference.

Now that we have covered the modes of the light and the brightness levels, how long will the P12 last? Generally having multiple modes will greatly help to preserve battery life and after all what good is a flashlight if its not producing light. The P12 will provide you will around 520 hours of runtime or 21.67 days and is powered by primary CR123 and 1860 li-ion rechargeable batteries. The light operates its on/off function with a tail switch and the modes can be changed with a side switch which accounts for a very user friendly interface. The Flashlight also comes with patented technology called reverse polarity protection, which can protect your flashlight from a surge due to backwards battery installation. Another great feature of the P12 is a power indicator and a secondary function that displays battery voltage.

The Nitecore P12 comes with a titanium plated stainless steel clip and tactical ring included. There are many various attachments available for the P12 including weapon mounting. The P12 is waterproof in accordance with IPX-8 which is submersible up to 2 meters, lastly the light is built to last constructed from aero grade aluminum alloy with HAIII military grade hard anodized finish. All in all this a great light and one of my favorites.




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