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Greetings all,

I wanted to take some time to discuss our very own tactical pen that hit the market a couple months ago now. We have had wonderful feedback from the community and we very much appreciate that. Let me first talk a little about the pen and why I carry it everyday. The Shopedcgear tactical pen includes an X-Acto blade which is easily replaceable with any standard blade. We use the same method as most standard X-Acto blade holders, by loosening the gold cusp the blade can be removed and a new blade can be added. I find the X-Acto blade can come in handy in many applications where you may not want to whip your knife out. Sometimes fellow co workers in the office might find it a bit ridiculous to open your letters or boxes with a Medford Praetorian. I find it completely acceptable. The writing pen is smooth and feels good to write with and the pen in my opinion does not feel to bulky. The pen also includes a window breaker which can be very useful. I keep a second pen in the center console of my vehicle at all times because all components to the pen are practical to have in your car.

We have had some questions and concerns on wether or not this pen is of the cheap variety. With a $9.99 price tag, I myself as a potential buyer would probably feel the same way. I will tell you that the Shopedcgear tactical pen feels solid and carries some weight to it. Being a small family owned business we keep our overhead down which gives us the opportunity to offer this pen at very reasonable pricing. You can also get the pen free with purchases over $99. This offers some wonderful incentives where places like Amazon cannot, Amazon can be very difficult for small business’s to compete with when selling similar products.

That concludes today’s topic of discussion, I wanted to make this short and to the point. If you have our pen already please feel free to snap photos of it and tag us on Social Media outlets including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. These pens will also make a great stocking stuffer for the holidays. As always Thank you for the constant support. Stay tuned for a brand new Shopedcgear tactical pen in the coming months.


Jon Blevins



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