EDC Gear Photo of the Week

EDc photo of the week

EDC Gear Photo of the Week

By Instafr4nk (Instagram)

Hosted by @shopedcgear

February Tenth Two Thousand Seventeen

EDC or Everyday Carry, a look into one of the most amazing Instagram communities.

This week we had the pleasure of linking up with Instafr4nk who has been taking the Instagram gear world by storm. With extremely high quality photos and gear, Frank has amassed over 9000 followers. Frank uses a beautiful color scheme and layout selection on every photo. Below is a peek into one of my favorite photos that Frank has done and his personal description of some of his favorite gear and what EDC means to him.

My EDC usually consists of a small knife, a pen, a flashlight, a zippo, and some kind of pocket tool on my keychain. Living and working in downtown Toronto the functional requirements for my gear are not very high but I enjoy quality items that are not too expensive so that I’m still comfortable to carry and use everything I own. I try to rotate my gear as much as possible, picking a new combination almost every morning.

Knife: AdV Pocket Butcher
The Pocket Butcher is a mid-tech slipjoint knife in with a D2 steel blade and rosewood scales from South African knifemaker Andre de Villiers. I like the mixture of traditional and modern knife design and the thick 3′ wharncliffe blade is a nice EDC size.
Flashlight: ReyLight Pineapple
The ReyLight Pineapple is a relatively new budget-friendly brass AAA flashlight. I only got it recently but it is already becoming a favorite. Being made of solid brass it is of course a bit heavy for an EDC light but I like the design and I’m looking forward to seeing a nice patina on it.
Pen: Maxmadco bolt action pen
I have a lot of EDC pens to choose from but the Maxmadco is probably the most comfortable one to write with in my collection. It is made of bronze that has developed a beautiful patina but being slimmer than other metal pens it has a very comfortable weight and balance.
Keychain: Atwood G2 Roid Keyton
Peter Atwood is a legend in the EDC community and has been making his famous pocket tools for many years. The G2 Roid keyton is one of his most popular designs.
Spinner: SCAM Design TorqBar
Spinner toys are the current hype in the EDC community and Scott McCoskery is the guy who started it all. His TorqBar is a simple but very cool hand spinning toy, perfect to treat our ADHD.
Lighter: Wasteland Oddities leather Zippo
Handkerchief: “Alpha” from Uzinhanks
Wedding ring: stainless damascus steel from Stonebrook Jewelry
Notebook: Medium Moleskine cover from Saddleback Leather in tobacco brown
We want to give Frank a special thanks for taking the time to give us a personal run down of his EDC game and a look into only a fraction of his huge inventory of curated gear.
Melissa Drew
Vice President
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