Conceal Carry Tips

Conceal Carry tips

Carry Conceal Tips

By : Jon Blevins



Hello all,

I wanted to write this article in hopes that it can at least offer some basic tips for conceal carry. Some simple tips I have learned by trial and error or during classes and seminars. Lets jump right in!

This first tip may sound obvious but so many people have a hard time with this one. I constantly find news articles about people breaking the law and they didn’t even know it. Make sure you are aware of all conceal laws in your state and surrounding states! This is very important, each state can differ in laws dramatically. I cannot stress this enough being from New Hampshire where we have wonderful gun laws however a 20 minute ride to Massachusetts can result in pages and pages of gun laws, no reciprocity with NH conceal carry permits, 10 round magazine limitations and a million more laws. Learning the gun laws in your state and any state you plan to visit will save you money and potentially jail time.

  Shoot your Carry Conceal weapons often! Yes, This is obvious however I have seen this far to often with friends and peers who carry shields, glock 43s, snubnose revolvers, etc, you get the point. These may not be the range favorites but they need to be. Whenever I hit the range I always plan to run a couple hundred rounds through my conceal weapons, you need to know these pistols inside and out. I also run through my hollow points every few months or so and refresh my magazines to make sure everything is in working order. I clean my conceal firearms about every 1000 rounds or so and they are lubricated more often than that. I use Breakthrough Clean for all cleaning lubrication needs, odorless, non toxic and eco friendly.

Get a quality holster. A quality holster is imperative to your carry and conceal gear. There are many types of holsters including injection molded plastic, nylon, leather, and Kydex to name a few. Make sure your holster is rigid and offers complete trigger guard coverage. I use Alex and Ryan Design Kydex holsters, they work well for me. Find a holster brand and stick to it as long as it works for you. I prefer to carry my firearm appendix carry, this is a personal preference! It works well for my body type and I can wear it comfortably sitting or standing. Many trainers out there will tell you how to carry but in my opinion if it works for you and your body type then do it.

Blend In…What do I mean when I say this? Those 5.11 tactical pants and that Smith and Wesson shirt can be described as I may have a weapon to stop you so shoot me first. We all love to rep our favorite companies apparel but try to blend in as much as possible. Vertx came out with a great carry conceal line and it is advertised as exactly that, the I don’t stand out as a possible gun owner clothing line.

Practice carrying concealed in your home… A great place to get acclimated is carrying in the comforts of your own home. Get comfortable with how well certain clothing conceals. Consistently carrying in private will make you feel more comfortable when you are in public. Try to stay away from constant checking, adjusting and fidgeting. Its more than likely most people wont be attentive enough to see minor printing.

If you are a beginner carry and concealer I hope you may have learned something new here. I would always recommend taking a class on basic pistol and concealed carry. If you are from the New England area Critical Defense Institute offers some great classes. They focus a lot on close quarters combat since most incidents that involve a firearm  happen at 7ft or less.



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